Sunday, October 04, 2009

we've been busy

Favourite pic

Whew! finally finished uploading all the pics. Blogger should SERIOUSLY improve their uploading photos system, took sooo long! Anyway, brought Bagel to the new Dairy Farm Nature Park and was quite surprised to find such a nice view, Singapore standards at least. Many of the pictures would have been perfect if only she looked at the camera, grr...

placed on a rock against her will. Heh heh heh...
This is another park - Bukit Batok Nature Park, which wasn't as nice but had lots of monkeys. And apparently lots of fleas and ticks too, which we discovered to our horrors when we reached home. But fortunately we managed to get them all off and she's once again fleas and tick free :D Never gonna bring her back there again! It was really funny as well, cos we got lost, or rather I got lost and went through steep slopes and stairs through the hiking path. And Bagel was so tired on the way to back that when she saw the steps, you could practically see her look of horror and exhaustion which was hilarious!! She then stopped and refused to move and had to be encouraged and tugged on the leash several times before she'd move, stopping frequently to pant and glare at me. XP
What's that on the tree??

And finally SENTOSA! Brought her to Singapore's one and only beach that allow dogs. And the first place she went is of course the hot dog stand *faintz*. There was this other big brown dog there which she played with, and when they left, she started running away *faintz some more* and being a slow runner, I couldn't catch her and had to have random strangers helping me catch my runaway dog. How absolutely embarrassing...
happy as a clam. and ignore the highly unglamourous shot of myself, which is a result of constantly running after my runaway dog ohm.... finding her inner peace SUCCESS!!


Sugar the Beagle said...

Hey Bagel,

it's been a long time since we last dropped by. For a moment, I thought you were overseas; I didn't know there's such beautiful scenery in Singapore. Shall check it out one day!

I see that you've had great long walks at different part of the island. It must have been great fun!

Sweet Licks,
Sugar together with Posh

Sapphire said...

what a fun day out. so were u knocked out for a couple of days? i'll be visiting singapore in november- will there be a chance to meet up? (:


Wow you guys certainly have been busy. It's so nice to get out and about and go see new places and smell new smells. That sure is a great lot of pics you've posted.